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Established in 2007, Foshan Sapfit Mechanical and Electrical Co.,Ltd is the leading manufacturer specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of ceramic feeding machines--Single charge feeder, Multifunctional double charge feeder, Surface thin layer feeding system, Full Body Real Marble feeder, Natural marble feeding system, Powder grits feeding system and Digital Powder Decoration, Automatic glaze spraying system, Water-permeable brick whole line project and Easy colouring system etc. It is the National Hi-Tech Enterprise, Guangdong Advanced Ceramic Machinery Engineering and Technological Research Center,  Foshan Ceramic Machinery Engineering and Technogical Research Center and Vice Chairman Governing Unit of Foshan Intellectual Property Association.

Most of the world famous ceramic factories cooperate with Sapfit to develop new designs, such as DongPeng, NewPearl, Monalisa, Champion, Nobel, Oceano etc. Sapfit has very good reputation in ceramic industry of China and already exported the machines to around 10 countries in the world.

With the strongest R&D ability and years of cutting-edge technology and experience, Sapfit is the first one to launch the Full Body Real Marble Feeder in 2014, it leads a new trend in the industry. Continuously, Sapfit launched another new technology in 2015, the Surface Thin Layer Feeding with Digital Soluble Salt printing system controls the surface layer to be 0.9~2mm, it leads the digital soluble salt product to a new heights. In 2017, Sapfit R&D a new technology, a revolutionary product that transcends the traditional one, the Natural marble feeder, it makes the tile looks much more close to the natural marble and even can replace it. This successful development of this machine made a great contribution in the face of exhaustion of natural marble resources. 

Sapfit will continue to bring the cutting-edge technology to the countries outside China and customize the new designs for all clients according to their requirements combine with the local market demand.