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Foshan HEHE High-Tech Ceramics Materials Co., Ltd was set up in 1994. During these 24 years, it has been continuously improving itself, updating equipment and optimizing formula. With “Professional Production, Stable Quality” as purpose, HEHE has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification for many years. Each section, from raw material procurement, production to delivery, etc., has set multiple professional inspections so as to ensure the quality of materials from the source of procurement. Combined with scientific and professional production control, the long-term stability of production and quality is guaranteed. The excellent stability of HEHE glaze has won recognition from customers at home and abroad. There are 4 fusion frit furnaces in Xinxing, Guangdong, and there are 4 new fusion frit furnaces under construction now, which will start production in July. In 2018, the annual output of frit can reach more than 100,000 tons. There are 3 glaze production lines and a variety of advanced mixing equipment in Shishan. HEHE has won the “Honest Enterprise”, “the Most Powerful Supplier” and other prizes awarded by the Foshan Ceramics Industry Association several times. Its product has been sold to several major ceramic producing areas in China and overseas markets, and has sent technical teams to provide technical support to customers, such as: Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Iran, UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Kenya and other countries. HEHE also go abroad, and the construction of the frit base has already started, and it is expected to start production in August 2018. Outstanding people and good corporate culture solidify the company's the foundation of people-oriented development, and the technical team continues to grow to develop the best solutions for customers and to create benefits for customers, which gains HEHE worldwide reputation.