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Guangdong Bolvt Environmental Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd is a enterprise focusing on providing the light efficiency and energy saving  dry powder processing solution for ceramic enterprise. 

Bolvt company’s core technology is based on Foshan Rongzhou NO.2 Building Ceramics Factory Co.,Ltd, which is a local famous company with 20 years experience in ceramic production. Bolvt cooperate wiht DongGuang Vsunny Machinery Co.,Ltd, key colleges and scientific research institutions to provide technical support for the research and development, design,manufacture,installation,production of the dry powder processing system.

Foshan Rongzhou NO.2 Building Ceramics Factory Co.,Ltd is a national high technology company, which has intellectual property rights of the dry powder processing technology.And DongGuang Vsunny Machinery Co.,Ltd is the top enterprise which majors in the powder equipment.Bolvt of this alliance to achieve a combination of ceramic technology and mechanical equipment manufacturing, and hasan elite team of project management.

Bolvt has built a brand new production line of dry powder processing in Rongzhou ceramics factory which is continuous used and provide different formula powder for lots of ceramic companies. The powder performance and ceramics product quality are excellentand the