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Guangxi LIuzhou Gangdu Steel Pipe Co., LTD. was established in 2004, located in zhongxing road, Shatang industrial park. It is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating the development, design, production and service of precision seamless steel pipe.

The company has a professional seamless steel pipe elite team, rich in precision steel pipe production experience and steel pipe production patent technology. It is capable of yearly producing 30,000 tons of high-precision steel roller special for ceramic kiln and high-precision automobile special steel pipe. It is one of the "growth plan" enterprises priority supported by Liuzhou government. The company won the honorary title of Liuzhou strong and optimal industrial enterprise, Liuzhou good faith small and medium enterprise, and Liuzhou safe production credit evaluation A class enterprise.

The company focuses on the development of dry kiln special steel roller for 15 years.  It has the first domestic steel roll bar intelligent automation processing center, and is equipped with intelligent automatic 14 roller steel pipe straightening production line, automatic upper and lower material fiber laser cutting tube, punch line, intelligent automatic flat head and chamfering production line, automatic finished product stacking, packing and weighing production line. It has realized the intelligent workshop control, and its production technology, product quality is in the international leading level. It has the reputation of the first choice brand of ceramic machinery steel bar.

The company has established a long-term strategic cooperative partnership with more than 30 companies in the domestic ceramics industry leading enterprises, such as Koda Clean Energy, Zhongpeng Technology, Modena Technology, Delitai Technology, Zhongyao Kiln, etc. It is the most representative kiln furnace steel roller rod refined processing leading enterprise,and has the highest domestic market share, the strongest specialty.

The company will adhere to the strategic goal of building the "first brand" of the steel roller of the kiln furnace by making the products with the heart, and developing with innovation. We will try our best to set up industry benchmark, create a first-class industry, serve the majority of users.