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Guangdong Taugness Industrial Belt Co.,Ltd., founded in 1999, is a company that focus on researching and producing TPE conveyor belt, as well as providing material transportation solutions. Access to “re-contract and trustworthy enterprise”; ”Guangdong Private scientific and technological enterprise”; “High-technology enterprise”; “Global manufacturer GMC certification -- China High Quality Manufacturer”; “Guangdong financial hi-tech zone equity trading center listing enterprise” (Code number: 220031). As the first domestic manufacturer to develop and manufacture special conveyor belts for ceramic stone polishing machines, over the years, there are more than 40 patents authorized, 4 new and high technology products, 1 key new products in Guangdong Province, and the production technology is in the leading level in China. In 2010, with the advantage of production technology in the leading domestic level, the company took the lead in developing a new generation of high - strength thermoplastic elastomer belt. The new conveyor belt has solved the problems of using ordinary polyester and cotton rubber conveyer belt. The ordinary polyester and cotton rubber conveyer belt has the problems of low strength, high elongation and high frequency to reconnect in the process of use; the canvas layer will swell after water absorption and cause the rubber delamination to affect the service life; after rubber aging, it will be cracked and removed to pollute ceramic raw materials, etc. Our products are widely used in mining, wharf, cement, chemical industry, glass making, building materials and other industries.