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Guangdong Foshan Jiashengda Industrial Belt Co., Ltd was founded in 2003 and the brand is POWER BELT. With a large belt connecting factory and warehouse, we introduce a full set of Italian belt processing machinery and equipment to provide professional, high-quality belt processing, on-site maintenance and connection services for customers in various industries.

Guangdong Foshan Jiashengda Industrial Belt Co., Ltd is also the general agent of Guangdong Shunde rubber triangle belt and conveyor belt. And provides various specifications of rubber synchronous belt, polyester synchronous belt, multi-groove belt, variable speed belt, intergroup belt, high temperature Teflon mesh belt, cloth belt, nitrile belt, and silica gel belt. We undertake special processing of belt, like pasting red rubber, PVC pattern glue, TPU adhesive, sponge, felt, guide bar, baffle, etc. on various belt surfaces.

At present, our products are involved in the industries of textile, electronic, printing and dyeing, stone, food, tobacco, glass, ceramics, printing and packaging, metal processing, sports equipment and logistics transportation. Our sales engineers often visit customers to understand their real needs and offer them one-stop service.

In order to meet the growing market demand, we constantly upgrade and strengthen ourselves and promise to provide 24/7 after-sales service. With abundant experience, expanding market network and professional service staff, we will provide you with reliable and satisfactory service.