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Noi has always maintained its own features in the areas of safe combustion of gas, low nitrogen combustion, economical combustion and automation integration of combustion systems in industrial kilns. On the basis of fully absorbing the world's most advanced combustion system control theory and the technology of digesting its supporting products, we have developed a series of fuel control products suitable for China's National conditions. The company is one of the most complete domestic combustion control products production company, the product line covers the burner, controller, gas valve parts, actuators and other categories. In view of the company's commitment to becoming the most competitive combustion equipment company in the country, we have a long-standing partnership with the internationally renowned combustion laboratory, employing highly paid international experts as consultants to provide intellectual support for innovation. The company has opened pipeline gas, has all kinds of experimental furnace, has its own independent combustion system experiment and testing platform. It is one of the few domestic companies that can design and develop burners independently.