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In 1991, Foshan Shiwan Ceramics Industry Research Institute was reformed its system from a public-owned enterprise to a private enterprise in the name of Foshan, Shiwan, Ceramics Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd. In the same time, we had created the famous brand “ GUTE DIE & MOULD”.

More than 20 years…

Our company has grown very fast and stable, Benefited to the concepts of Innovate and High quality; Safety and High Efficient: Civilized and Harmonious.

Our company has standardized the management and brought forth the new through the old. Benefited to the quality standards of serving all our best to customers, aim the customer as our center; the satisfaction of customer is our entire target.

“GUTE DIE & MOULD” begins its work in only repairing the punches with welding materials, up to today has the ability of developing and manufacturing all categories of complete mould, punches, liners, floating grid, accessories and also can produce the bigger size machine tools, which could be used for manufacturing the complete mould set.

 “GUTE DIE & MOULD” brand already had a very good reputation not only in China, and also over seas market.

Tens of national patents already approved the quality of  “Made in GUTE”, also approved the good reputation of “Made In China”.

“ GUTE DIE & MOULD” was already a proud brand of Ceramic tile Die & Mould products.

Now, our company has a new attitude in “only focus on the ceramic Die & mould, and only produce the high quality Die & mould”, we expecting the challenges to make us improve! Make our good reputation “ GUTE DIE & MOULD – MADE IN CHINA” famous all over the world!