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FOSHAN MEIJIA CERAMIC EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD was establishment in 1992, it is located in No.59 west of langbao RD, National High Technology Development Zone, Zhangcha Str, Chancheng Dist,Foshan, Guangdong province(covers an area about 13000㎡ ), and the branch company is located in Luocun New Light Source Industry Base in Nanhai. Our company has more than 200 employees, is leading domestic ceramic equipment manufacturer, seller and the national first-class ceramic printing R&D center, and has the reputation of “King of China Ceramic Printing Machine”.

In recent years, MEIJIA Company has actively responded to the requirements of the “High Quality Development” proposed by the 19th National Congress and the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s “Four in the forefront of the nation”. In accordance with the requirements of the new development concept, Taking integration of Informatization Technology and Industrialization, intelligent manufacturing as the main attack, closely integrate with frontier technologies such as “Internet Plus”, continuously innovate breakthroughs in product research, development, manufacturing, sales, product service, etc., and gradually realize the transition from traditional manufacturing to intelligent equipment manufacturing.In 2017, our company had sales of ¥196 million yuan and tax payment of ¥7.4 million yuan (a year-on-year increase of more than 20%).

1. Internalize to heart, promote the spirit of enterprise vigorously.

MEIJIA Company focus on using corporate culture to increase cohesion, providing endless stream of endogenous power for enterprise development. Since it established, MEIJIA company always keeping the tenet of “Best Quality, First Customer”, faith of “Best Service, Keep Promises” and core of “Technology Innovation” all along, continuously strengthen the construction of a talent team, vigorously cultivate a meticulous, professional, and dedicated craftsman spirit, innovate continuously, and make continuous breakthroughs, and make great efforts to promote the development of China manufacturing equipment industry.

MEIJIA Company insist on the brand development road of ” Keep Improving ”, Meijia was approved the ISO9001 Quality System Authentication. It has been in the leading position in the research field of ceramics and textile printing machines. Its product category, specifications and market share rank among the top domestic counterparts.

2.Externalize to action, build the corporate brand elaborately

MEIJIA Company attaches great attention in technology research and development, R&D professional team with more than 30 people, MEIJIA Company would expenditure on technology research and development about tens millions yuan of each year. Now, MEIJIA Company already has the national invention patent, the utility model and the appearance patent nearly 50 items, and we successively obtain multiterm honors about Guangdong high-tech enterprise, Guangdong Engineering R&D Center, Foshan Engineering R&D Center and China green environmental protection enterprise, become the ceramic equipment industry base in China.

In 2001, MEIJIA Company successfully manufactured the first roller printing machine, breaking the monopoly of the Italian equipment. In 2002, established the first laser engraving center and ceramic patterns R&D support center. In 2005, MEIJIA Company launched the semi-automatic polishing machine with having independent intellectual property rights. The semi-automatic polishing machine attracted great concern in domestic and foreign ceramic industry. Subsequently, in 2007, the full glaze polishing machine created by MEIJIA Company immediately caused a sensation in Chinese ceramic industry and filled up domestic blank on glaze semi color technology. Currently, MEIJIA Company has three available grinding-heads with full glaze polishing technology in order to accomplish full polished glaze process of mirror surface or concave and convex surface. The polishing technology is unique achievement. In 2008, MEIJIA Company began working with Nuovofima Company, as the major Italian packaging machine giants, to create the automatic packaging production line with having the leading international technology. Particularly in the wall tile packaging industry, MEIJIA Company became the OEM cooperative partner in Nuovofima packaging project. In 2009, MEIJIA Company made the investment to research & develop the digital printing machine for ceramic industry. In 2011, MEIJIA Company successfully launched "digital carnival" series of digital printing machine,  became the first company in the world to develop two independent control systems. This equipment has changed the traditional old pattern of screen printing, greatly reduce the production cost, design cost and manpower cost, and has high revivification degree, delicate pattern, color accuracy, and environmental protection and energy saving etc.,advantages. It has been used in Eagle Ceramics, Mona Lisa Ceramics, ShunCheng Ceramics, BODE Ceramics and other large ceramic enterprises.

 In 2017,MEIJIA Company increase its research and development efforts and successfully developed the first high speed pass-type textile ink-jet printing machine(Single pass) in China.After the launch of the Pudong Textile International Industrial Exhibition in Shanghai, it attracted intense attention. This equipment uses the most advanced ink-jet printing technology, printing speed up to 75 m/min, nearly  5 times faster than the traditional screen printing, but also can achieve remote control and personalized printing, high adaptability, easy operation,high accuracy efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection etc., advantages are very obvious (such as energy saving and environmental protection, 70% reduction in water fees and 80% reduction in pollution control costs compared to traditional textile printing), and obtain highly praised in the industry.

At present, our products sell well both at domestic and abroad, has covered in Italy, Spain, Turkey, the United States, Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, India, Iran, the Middle East more than 20 countries and regions, and praised deeply by domestic and foreign customers.