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Wudi Sino Material Technoiogy Co., Ltd(formerly Shandong Lubei Marine Biological Co., Ltd) is affiliated to Shandong Lubei Enterprise group General Company,covers an area of more than 2000 mu,with fixed assets of 1.2billion Yuan;Is a collection of scientific research, production and management in the integration of calcined alpha series products of alumina specialized company, the products are widely used in ceramic glaze materials, industrial ceramics and refractory, etc;we have a set of devices with producing capacity of 300 thousand tons/a calcined a-alumina,60 thousand tons/a dry-grinding aluminum hydroxide, 20 thousand tons/a ultra-fine aluminum hydrxide(flame retardant)and 100thousand tons/a 4A zeolite washing assistant. Our aompany has been an important production hase in chemicais grdae alumina.