Top-Heng Li Thai selected the second batch of manufacturing industry champion Enterprises

   In order to implement the "Made in China 2025", to guide the manufacturing Enterprises focus on the division of products in the field of intensive cultivation, to foster more manufacturing global single champion, to promote China's industry as a whole into the global value chain high-end, according to the "Manufacturing single champion enterprise training and promotion of Special action Implementation Plan" Number 105th), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Chinese Federation of Industrial Economics organized the second batch of manufacturing single champion enterprises and individual champion products, by expert argumentation and online publicity procedures, confirmed the second batch of manufacturing single champion enterprises and individual champion products list, to be notified, Foshan Heng Li Thai Machinery Co., Ltd. was awarded " Manufacturing single champion demonstration Enterprise, is the only enterprise in the industry to be identified.


Single champion Enterprise in manufacturing industry

The qualification conditions of "the manufacturing individual champion demonstration Enterprise" are very strict, including the following aspects:
Enterprises focus on a limited target market, mainly engaged in manufacturing 1~2 a specific segment of the market, a specific product sales revenue accounted for the total business income of more than 70%.
Enterprises in the relevant market segments, has a strong market position and a high market share, single product market share in the world's top 3.
Enterprise production Technology, the international leading technology, product quality, related key performance indicators in the international similar products leading level. Enterprise continuous innovation ability, with core independent intellectual property rights, leading or participating in the development of relevant business areas of technical standards.
Long-term focus of the enterprise focused on the specific niche products market, engaged in related business areas of time to reach 10 years or more. Attention and implementation of international business strategy, the market prospects are good.
Enterprises with independent legal personality, with sound financial, intellectual property rights, technical standards and quality assurance and other management systems, the implementation of brand strategy, excellent operating performance.
In line with the Industrial Strong foundation engineering and other key directions, engaged in market segments of the manufacturing industry key basic materials, core components, dedicated high-end products, as well as the "China Manufacturing 2025" key areas of technology roadmap in the relevant products.

Concentrate and concentrate

Foshan Machinery Co., Ltd. originated in 1957, so far, more than 60 years of development, by virtue of "Ten years grinding a sword" of the spirit of ingenuity, focus on the hydraulic automatic brick machine research and development manufacturing 30, take the "special premium fine" Development road, built with provincial engineering Technology Research Center and Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Has a core invention patent dozens of, Hengtai is hydraulic automatic brick machine National building materials industry standards responsible for drafting units, won the National Science and Technology Progress Award, China Patent Excellent award and Foshan Government Quality Award.
Hengli Thai production of hydraulic automatic brick machine is the core of building ceramic production line and key equipment, won the Chinese ceramic industry brand-name products, China building materials Machinery industry brand-name products, national key new products, High-tech products in Guangdong Province, Guangdong province independent innovation products and brand-name products in Guangdong province. Hydraulic automatic brick machine sales revenue accounted for more than 90% of the main business income, the product has been sold to 26 provinces and regions in the country, began to achieve exports in 2003, exported to Asia, Africa and South America, more than 20 countries and regions, from 2007 to date, the product has for many years to maintain the world's At the international very high visibility. Won the "Manufacturing single champion demonstration Enterprise", deserved.