Media interview │ Foshan China Tao Alliance Technology Co., Ltd. Managing director Rotzing

By Foshan China Ceramic Alliance Technology Co., Ltd. Contractor2018 China (Foshan) International ceramic Equipment and Materials exhibition and 2018 China (Foshan) International ceramics and sanitary products exhibition , the rapid development, the aspiration, smooth, the mainstream of large brands gathered, the peak of popularity, has become a concern of the ceramic industry, affecting the global ceramic industry, Professional first-class Guangdong Tam Chau International Convention and Exhibition Center for the two major brands of the success of the exhibition has laid a solid foundation, but also will further promote the construction of China's ceramic industry optimization upgrade!     

Recently, Guangdong Ceramic Association, Deputy Secretary-General, Foshan Ceramic Industry association Secretary-General, Foshan China Ceramic Alliance Technology Co., Ltd., managing director Mr. Rotzing on the two major exhibition preparation, received an interview with the media.

"Media interview" Foshan China Tao Alliance Technology Co., Ltd. Managing director Rotzing


According to the general introduction, he was officially in early June to take over Foshan Ceramic Alliance Technology Co., Ltd. Director of the position, the team after several months of rapid development, from the beginning of three or four people, to now close to 40 professional team. Not only that, the team members are built in accordance with the international ceramic exhibition operating standards to match. 


Rotzing said three reasons: First, Foshan has a world-class pavilion-Guangdong Tam Chau International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition started with the world, the total investment is expected to reach 10 billion yuan, by the German Hannover exhibition company's design and management team to participate in operations management, so the exhibition hall of hard software facilities and services are world-class. Second, Foshan in the world is very important ceramic production areas, Foshan ceramic equipment and materials industry is firmly occupied the country's huge market share, but also affect the global ceramic supporting industry. Foshan lack of high-end, international, professional exhibition platform, it is necessary to find a more high-end exhibition platform to further promote the whole industry of Foshan ceramics upgrade and appreciation. Third, Foshan's entire ceramic industry chain should be quite perfect, both upstream and downstream of the entire match, our ceramic production enterprises and ceramic equipment, as well as our material enterprises, in the world are leading.       

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"Next year's China Pottery Equipment Materials exhibition is very good, the current 1th to 3rd pavilions are basically full, 4th and 5th Pavilion and a very small booth, now every day there are new enterprises to sign with us." Luo always smiles to say. One of the exhibitors have Keda Jie can, Hengtai, in the kiln, the new Jingtai, hope, the United States Ka, Ben Lang, day one, orchid, double benefit, great sea, Dahong glaze, Longyang, Ang Tai, Kanglitai, Wo, etc. in the global industry are well-known enterprises. Foreign enterprises are also very supportive of our Tam Chau International Exhibition, a large number of overseas enterprises, including Italy, Spain and so on, they also to the pottery equipment materials show very support, also have to register for the exhibition.       

For next year will be able to run the show, Luo always very sure said: "In Guangdong Tam Chau International Convention and Exhibition Center to do the exhibition as in their own door to do, for Foshan ceramic downstream enterprises more convenient, cordial, popular more prosperous." Both the exhibition and the exhibition are very enthusiastic to participate in, I believe that next year's exhibition will be able to do a good job to run our level.