CICEE closes to the needs of the industry, responses to the voices of enterprises, and becomes the giant of the times

2019 is destined to be an extraordinary year for ceramics industry. Every time when the industry becomes sluggish, the voice of "ceramic industry will always be a traditional sunrise industry" echoes again. Consider change after the painful experience, will it turn the tide? 

The author recently visited a number of ceramics equipment and materials enterprises and found there are a lot to learn from them. For example, DAYU GLAZE, a company that develops a new method of its own and explores the overseas market a long time ago; SAME WATERJET, positioning in high-end, whose sales increase in the trade frictions between the United States and China; MRIS, a leader in the functional materials industry, which is dedicated to research and development and grows with customers; Jin Bo Ling Wire Mesh, works hard for more than 20 years and “wins the market with a small part”… They are the epitome of success in every segment of ceramics equipment and materials industry. Each industry has different visions and strategies for the development of the industry, but they share a common understanding: when the industry is sluggish, they dare to take the initiative, show themselves on the professional and international exhibition platform of CICEE to look for business opportunities.

Start from scratch, break through to exist

2018, as the first year of the two exhibitions of ZhongTao Alliance, start from scratch, from 0 to 1; break first and then come into being.

The successful holding of the first China (Foshan) International Ceramics Equipment and Materials Exhibition (CICEE) has fulfilled the long-lasting dream of a generation of ceramics peers. It has received great attention from all walks of life and won the support of ceramics equipment and materials enterprises at home and abroad. What is more worth mentioning is that the CICPE 2018 and CICEE 2018 have selected as the “important event of ceramics industry in 2018”, which show the positive role of these two ZhongTao exhibitions in the development of ceramics industry.

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Mr. Ye Delin, Chairman of NEWPEARL Ceramics Group, once said, ceramics enterprises have close connection with ceramics equipment enterprises. If there is no technical output and raw material output from equipment enterprises, ceramics enterprises will not be competitive anymore and fall behind. The two major industries should be closely linked, unite and cooperate to make Chinese ceramics industry bigger and stronger! It is correct, good and necessary for Foshan to host its own CICEE.

Mr. Ye Delin (middle), Chairman of NEWPEARL Ceramics Group, visited CICEE

Exist and prosper together, construct and share together

In 2018, the ceramic industry was depressed. Influenced by economic downturn, overcapacity, property market management and environmental pressure, ceramics tile production, main business and profits of the ceramics enterprises all showed a declined trend, directly affecting the upstream and downstream industries of ceramics manufacturing industry.

Ceramics enterprises and ceramics equipment and materials enterprises have a mutually beneficial relationship, that is, exist and prosper together, construct and share together. Faced with the "winter" of the current industry, how to survive has become the top priority of many ceramics enterprises.

However, throughout the year, there are many outstanding examples in ceramics industry, such as January 23, the first China building ceramics green intelligent manufacturing demonstration base was settled in Newpearl Zhaoqing Gaoyao Lubu smart factory. At the end of the year, on December 23, the three-dimensional intelligent storage center of Guangdong Guanxing Ceramics Enterprise Co., Ltd. was put into use Guanxing Qingyuan Yuantan Green Environmental Protection Intelligent Production Camp. It seems that the two companies have contracted the two major industry events at the opening and the end of the year, which also indicates the future pace of ceramics industry, environmental protection and intelligent development - will be an unavoidable problem for every ceramics enterprise.

Great event of ceramics industry, worth looking forward to

“Green and environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing” is the national strategy and the way of optimization and upgrading of Chinese ceramics industry. It is also the only way which must be passed by the enterprises for long-term development.

In a recent exchange event between ceramics manufacturing enterprises and ceramics equipment and materials enterprises, Mr. Chen Huan, President of Guangdong Ceramics Association, said, although there are not many opportunities for new capacity, the transformation of intelligent, environmentally friendly, big slab new products, etc. is still necessary and brings many opportunities. Like Newpearl intelligent production and Guanxing intelligent warehouse are all inspiring actions in this cold winter, we hope to create more matching in the future.

Industrial upgrading needs platforms and cooperation between enterprises needs opportunities.

Mr. Chen Huan, President of Guangdong Ceramics Association made a speech during the opening ceremony of CICEE 2018

Hosted by Guangdong Building Materials Association and Guangdong Ceramics Association, 2019 China (Foshan) International Ceramics Equipment and Materials Exhibition builds a “never end” industrial matchmaking platform for ceramics equipment and materials industry. Combining the brother exhibition – China (Foshan) International Ceramic & Bathroom Products Exhibition, CICPE and CICEE open up the upstream and downstream industrial chain of ceramics industry, cover ceramics manufacturing industry, machinery and equipment manufacturing and intelligent environmental protection industry, provide products display, trade negotiation, technical exchange, international promotion, brand promotion, marketing planning, demand matchmaking and other services.

2019 China (Foshan) International Ceramics Equipment and Materials Exhibition closes to the needs of the industry, serve enterprises with full heart. We create new platforms and opportunities for the industry through service and innovation.

May 30, 2019, splendor comes as expected, see you in Tanzhou. Let’s look forward to it!

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