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Editor:Recently, “CICPE and CICEE & Ceramic Celebrity Talk” came to Foshan Mris Technology Co., Ltd., and discussed with marketing general manager, Mr. Wu Yuxin, on the market application of functional materials and functional inks, the role of upstream enterprises in the development of the industry and what benefits professional exhibitions bring to enterprises.


Ceramic Celebrity Talk: In the past two years, functional ceramic tiles, especially anion ceramics tiles, have become popular, and many brands have emerged. As a leader in anion functional ink or the latest developer, what does Mris think of functional tiles?

Mr. Wu Yuxin: Functional ink is a great category in the past two years. In fact, functional ink is to conduct ink processing on all kinds of ceramics decorative materials because it is in line with the future of digital production, and the inkjet way will be more appropriate. Therefore, we usually understand that ink is color ink, which can express patterns and colors, but the decorative effect of the ceramics surface, apart from colors, there are various other effects, such as bump, texture, brightness and many other touches and perceptions need to be expressed. Therefore, in addition to color ink, we also developed functional ink to meet the need of simulation of nature. The decorative effect of tiles is mainly a simulation effect. Natural materials such as stone, wood, wallpaper, etc., not only the color need to be close to reality, it is also necessary to simulate its texture. Therefore, we will continue to introduce various kinds of functional inks. The innovation of functional materials is also an inevitable process of digital production of ceramics.

Mr. Huo Jianming, Host of CICPE and CICEE & Ceramic Celebrity Talk, General Manager of TaoCi.com and Mr. Wu Yuxin, General Manager of marketing of Mris 


Ceramic Celebrity Talk: The continuous innovation of ceramics tiles puts forward new requirements for upstream enterprises. For example, it requires texture, and some require more beautiful colors, closer to nature, etc. As a technology-driven enterprise, what new measures will be taken to satisfy customers? What technical reserves have been made?

Mr. Wu Yuxin: First of all, we have conducted deep research on decorative materials, showing natural characteristics on tile surface, including more beautiful colors, more perfect effects, closer to nature and other effects. Ceramics materials have been greatly improved based on the past application methods, printing methods, and inkjet methods, which requires us to conduct deep research on materials.

What’s more, product design and display must reflect aesthetics. The combination of everything is reflected in the combination of design and materials, and ultimately on the surface of ceramics. “We require that after the ceramics tile is made, it is difficult to tell whether it is real stone or ceramics tile. For example, if a piece of wood-like tile is taken out, you cannot distinguish whether it is a wood or a tile only by touching with your hand.”


Ceramic Celebrity Talk: At present, there are many new changes in consumer spending trends. From the point of view of the sales of ceramic tiles, it is also necessary to present the scene of consumers and the experience of customers. As the raw material, whether ink has been "derived from nature but beyond nature", so that end consumers have a good experience, do you think you have achieved this?

Mr. Wu Yuxin: In fact, the mission (task) of ceramics tiles is derived from nature but beyond nature. If you are just imitating, it can just imitate the shape but not the essence so the level will never be developed. Mris is continually pursuing the pursuit of technology and hopes to improve the decorative effect of ceramics tiles and achieve both imitation of shape and essence.


Ceramic Celebrity Talk: Mris has decided to participate in CICEE 2019. Why does Mris make this decision?

Mr. Wu Yuxin: In fact, there are not many professional ceramics exhibitions in China. We have attended exhibiton in the past years but CICEE is held in Tanzhou, Foshan. Foshan is the manufacturing center of ceramics, the place where brand enterprises are gathered, and the place where headquarters are gathered. We should have a show of equipment or materials in our own home and we are fully supportive. This is the concern from the big aspect. From the small aspect, if you are exhibiting in Tanzhou, it is more convenient in terms of transportation and customer reception. Customers come not only to visit the exhibition, but also to visit various companies, so we can also take them to look around. Therefore, from all aspects, the Tanzhou exhibition is more down to earth.

Ceramic Celebrity Talk: My understanding is that if your customers come here, it will have a positive impact on both parties in terms of time, efficiency and cost. Am I correct?

Mr. Wu Yuxin: Yes. 

Ceramic Celebrity Talk: There will be more and more ceramics equipment and materials enterprises participating in CICEE. I believe that participating in CICEE will bring the enterprises reputation and economic benefits.


Ceramic Celebrity Talk: In 2019, the entire ceramics industry is hotly discussing how to transform and upgrade and how to innovate. For example, product innovation must be one of them. So as a leader of functional inks, how do you view the need for functional inks and functional tiles?

Mr. Wu Yuxin: First of all, through the practice and vigorous promotion in recent years, the proportion of functional materials is increasing, from the single digits in the past to nearly 30% of the sales now. This market trend is clear and obvious. Therefore, we will increase the promotion of this functional ink in 2019. Our customers are ceramics tile manufacturers, who need products to continuously improve. As a material supplier, we will spare no efforts to help enterprises make better products.


Ceramic Celebrity Talk: There are some companies in the industry that are famous for functional ceramics, such as Tidiy, or some companies in the industry that lead functional ceramics, such as Newpearl, Xinzhongyuan, and so on. Of course, there are more famous brands, and you have cooperated with them. In the process of cooperation, how do you achieve innovation together?

Mr. Wu Yuxin: In fact, many ceramic brands have cooperated with us, and more or less have used functional materials or functional inks of Mris. Taking Tidiy as an example, Mris and Tidiy have been working together to promote anion ceramics tiles for a long time, with a history of more than ten years, and the real outbreak is in these years. Mris and Tidiy have been cooperating together and have done a lot of work. The most important thing is to make anionic materials into ink. In the past, many products could not be used by anionic materials. We have broken through these “forbidden zones” through ink. Therefore, anion ceramics tile has been widely used, from wall tiles and floor tiles, from porcelain tiles to various glazed tiles, the application benefits of anion materials can be experienced.

Ceramic Celebrity Talk: If we compare the brands in the industry to cakes, you are the icing on the cake. 

Mr. Wu Yuxin: That is too much but we have lend a hand.

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