【Special Planning】The Interview of Ceramics Equipment Enterprise – SAME WATERJET, a company that stays at the industrial frontier with a knife

Recently, the interview team of CICPE and CICEE visited the exhibitor of 2019 China (Foshan) International Ceramics Equipment and Materials Exhibition – Guangzhou Sino Achieve Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., and general manager, Mr. Wu Kaichang, has talked about the development history of the company and the application and development history of waterjet equipment in China.

As the capital of ceramics, Foshan is equal to a treasure in the doorway of the house. We hope that CICEE will be better and better.    – Mr. Wu Kai

Guangzhou Sino Achieve Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. (SAME WATERJET) was established in 1997, one of the earliest enterprises that engaged in research and manufacture ultrahigh pressure water jet technology as well as one of the drafting units of national standards in the industry. Also, SAME is the first successfully domestic enterprise to apply the three cylinder plunger direct drive pump to the ultra high pressure cutting field in China thus began to research and develop professional waterjet for more than 20 years.

Twenty years ago, CCTV Program “Star-Fire Science and Technology” has made a documentary named “Magic Waterjet” with the theme of SAME WATERJET. At that time, SAME WATERJET had already made a figure in the domestic equipment manufacturing field.

With the continuous improvement of research and development capabilities, the product category of SAME WATERJET has been continuously refined and the specifications increased, which has been used in many industries, including brittle materials such as glass, ceramics, stone, as well as non-ferrous metals, composite materials, aerospace materials, etc. At the same time, SAME WATERJET has undertaken a number of scientific research projects, such as the National 863 Program "Composite and Special High Temperature Materials Ultra High Pressure Waterjet Processing Technology and Equipment" project, the national key research and development plan "Deepwater Collaborative Emergency Treatment Technology and Special Tool System Research" project, and SAME WATERJET is the undertaker of the subject. 

ZhongTao Alliance: Please introduce the application of SAME WATERJET in ceramics industry.

Mr. Wu Kai: Our first waterjet was sold to the leading enterprise of ceramics – Eagle Ceramics. Later, various ceramics enterprises began to cooperate with SAME WATERJET. Because ceramics and other materials are the same, they need cold cutting. The biggest feature of waterjets is cold cutting, which does not generate heat during the cutting process. Therefore, if stone, ceramics or glass needs special-shaped cutting, especially ceramics pattern, water cutting must be used. What’s more, it is the era of ceramics large slab, and the slab is getting bigger and bigger, and there are also new materials slate cutting. Now, we have a certain market in the cutting of slates. In some European countries, the first few waterjets used in cutting large slates are all SAME WATERJET.

ZhongTao Alliance: In other words, SAME WATERJET is not only engaged in the domestic market, but also engaged in the foreign market.

Mr. Wu Kai: Products of SAME WATERJET are positioned at high end, so there are many customers in Germany, the United States, Japan, Europe and other countries and regions. Despite the current trade frictions between the United States and China, the amount of SAME WATERJET’s orders to the United States remain stable or even increased.

ZhongTao Alliance: How does SAME WATERJET take the lead in product development in the industry?

Mr. Wu Kai: SAME WATERJET is a national high-tech enterprise, and our technology has been researching and improving. The investment in research and development is very large. SAME WATERJET has more than 20 national patents, more than half of which are invention patents. In terms of products, there is a complete set of processes from the detection of raw materials to the trial of the whole machine, so SAME WATERJET has a set of traceability records after each machine is produced.

ZhongTao Alliance: Details make a difference. How does SAME WATERJET grasp the details in technology research and development, so as to gain customer trust and market recognition?

Mr. Wu Kai: We have not let go of any details. Every production process of SAME WATERJET’s products has been controlled and every usage process will also be traced after selling. We will track the usage of our customers on a regular basis. After getting the feedback from our customers, we will gradually improve and make the products more and more perfect.

ZhongTao Alliance: Germany is one of the industrial developed countries in the world. What kind of efforts does SAME WATERJET make to improve the quality that is the same with German products?

Mr. Wu Kai: SAME WATERJET has a distributor in Germany, and he actively found us. We sold a piece of equipment to Europe ten years ago, and this equipment has been transferred to Germany. The distributor was asked to repair the equipment. He thought that the equipment was made in Germany and the equipment was very good so he wanted to find the manufacturer to become its agent. Fortunately, there was a trademark on the machine, and he found out that it was from China, so he came to China and told us that he want to be our agent. The distributor is also an expert in this field. His family business has been passed down for several generations, so in the process of cooperation, he also instilled some German concepts into us. Nowadays, many things on SAME WATERJET’s equipment are German standards. He now comes to SAME WATERJET for a period of time every year. He combines the reality of China with German standards, and then we together explore a set of better technology.

ZhongTao Alliance: Just now you also introduced that SAME WATERJET is one of the drafting units of the national standard of waterjet industry. How do we get it?

Mr. Wu Kai: Since 1995, SAME WATERJET began to accumulate the precipitation of waterjet research and development technology. The national standard actually rises to the industry standard on the basis of enterprise standards, and the industry standard rises to the national standard. This is true for all walks of life, and so are we. Because we have enterprise standards and national standards are based on enterprise standards, and then gradually improved.

ZhongTao Alliance: What is the difference between our national standards and German standards?

Mr. Wu Kai: At present, as far as the waterjet industry is concerned, Chinese waterjet industry is relatively leading in the world. Although our entire mechanical equipment industry has a certain gap with Europe and the United States, waterjet has a history of more than 20 years in China, and the development of Chinese waterjet in the last 10 years has made the world look at it with great respect. In the past, we had to go to other places to find waterjets but now many countries in the world come to China to buy waterjets. Chinese waterjet national standard is the only waterjet standard in the world. The first edition was drafted in 2009. We revised the second edition last year. At the same time, we also published the English version of the national standard, which was approved last year, and then we will develop it to international standards.

ZhongTao Alliance: CICEE 2019 will be held at Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center again. What do you think of CICEE held in Foshan? What are the expectations of exhibitors?

Mr. Wu Kai: As the capital of ceramics, Foshan is equal to a treasure in the doorway of the house. We hope that CICEE will be better and better. Although it is in the doorway of the house, it can still play the role of "walking out of the nation".

ZhongTao Alliance: Because our exhibitions have been always positioning in international exhibitions, we also hope to help exhibitors walk out of the nation and introduce foreign customers and distributors.

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