【Interview Video】 CICPE and CICEE & Ceramic Celebrity Talk | Mr. Wu Yuxin analyzed the new trend of functional inks

At 2018 China (Foshan) International Ceramics Equipment and Materials Exhibition, digital glaze, functional ink, especially fine ink, glue ink + dry particle is one of the highlights of the exhibition, which also indicates that the full line of digital production has become a trend. The digital production of digital glaze + ordinary ink + functional ink, on the one hand, enhances the convenience of production of ceramics slabs and modern rustle tiles; on the other hand, it can create ceramic tile products with richer surface effect, more delicate texture, higher levels of stereo and definition and other adventages.

At present, there are many new changes in consumer spending trends. From the point of view of the sales of ceramic tiles, it is also necessary to present the scene of consumers and the experience of customers. As a leader in anion functional ink, Mris has been "derived from nature but beyond nature" so as to create a good experience for end consumers.

“In fact, the mission (task) of ceramics tiles is derived from nature but beyond nature. If you are just imitating, it can just imitate the shape but not the essence so the level will never be developed. Mris is continually pursuing the pursuit of technology and hopes to improve the decorative effect of ceramics tiles and achieve both imitation of shape and essence.” CICPE and CICEE | Ceramic Celebrity Talk came to Foshan Mris Technology Co., Ltd., one of the exhibitors of 2019 China (Foshan) International Ceramics Equipment and Materials Exhibition to talk about the development process of Mris with the marketing general manager, Mr. Wu Yuxin, and analyze the new trend of functional ink together!

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